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Derma Control - Oil fighting skincare with a difference!

by Essential Distribution |

Far too often we see the solution to oily acneic skin filled with harsh acids to strip away excess oil production and give you a ‘squeaky clean’ feeling, but sometimes we forget that having an oily skin type has its benefits!

Oily skin is usually thicker and smoother than other skin types and is more resistant to wrinkles, as our skins sebum is high in antioxidants, which protects our skin from outside factors that can cause inflammation and the signs of ageing.

Our natural sebum also protects our skin from irritation and pollutants, while having the ability to lock in moisture, keeping our skin hydrated for longer and reducing the amount of moisturiser needed per application.

How to fight oil and acne, without the acids?

Derma Control manages our natural oil flow while providing anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce the severity of breakouts. With cleansing and moisturising solutions which hydrate the skin without adding any necessary oils, these products focus on balancing the skin and maintaining a healthy oil flow.  

The Derma control range is formulated with Marine Peptides, natural Kaolin Clay and Witch Hazel, which helps to soothe inflammation, minimize pimples and reduce redness, without stripping the skin of moisture. The range also includes an intensive spot treatment which soothes painful breakouts and minimizes their severity.

Experience the new way to tame oil and acne with Dalton's Derma Control.