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Get the best results from your skincare!

by Essential Distribution |

So, you’ve spent your hard-earned money on some great skincare, but are you applying it properly? Rushing through your routine won’t always give you the results you are wanting and can lead to wasting valuable product.

Our top tips – Apply your skincare from thinnest to thickest (or most active to least active)

This step is crucial to ensure all your products are able to work together. As a general rule, always cleanse first, followed by any toners/mists then apply your serums. If you are a multi-serum user always apply any exfoliating serums first, followed by hydrating serums and then anything oil based last. Make sure you wait at least 60 seconds between each application to ensure the product is properly absorbed into your skin. Moisturise last and then apply SPF (if its daytime). Allowing enough time in between each step will stop that ‘balling’ or pilling of product on your face, which happens when you’ve applied too much product, or haven’t let it sink in properly.

If it doesn’t come in a tube – don’t touch it!

All our Dalton creams come with a spatula, and for good reason – to avoid cross contamination! We can easily transfer bacteria from breakouts into our products when we apply them with our fingers, which can impact the results from our skincare. Using a spatula to dispense the product onto your hand will ensure you skincare maintains its effectiveness and will avoid any nasty bacteria transfer.