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Let’s talk cleansers!

by Essential Distribution |

How to choose the right cleanser for your skin type?

Cleansers fall into three main categories- foam/mousse, gel and cream. While they all remove oil, dirt and impurities from the skins surface, they can also help with specific skin concerns.

For oily, blemish prone skin? Foam/Mousse!

Foaming or ‘Mousse’ cleansers are ideal for removing excess oil, as its lightweight texture is ideal for cleaning deep within the pores. Foaming cleansers are also great first step for anyone who wears heavy makeup or sunscreens.

Our Pick: Dalton Premium Clean Cleansing Mousse.

This premium cleanser has a lightweight foaming texture, to effectively remove dirt, impurities and excess oils without stripping or drying the skin. Safe to use around the eye area and gentle enough for every day, Premium Clean Cleansing Mousse can be used morning and night.

Normal/Combination skin? Gel!

Gel cleansers are great for normal skin or skins who produce excess oil in their T-Zone throughout the day. Gel cleansers foam slightly when mixed with water, so they are also great to remove makeup, or simply as a personal preference over a thicker textured cream.

Our Pick: Dalton Classic Clean Cleansing Gel

This cleanser is enriched with trace elements and minerals from the sea as well as cranberry extract to effectively cleanse while protecting the skin from the visible signs of ageing. Use with plenty of water to create a luxurious feeling foam. Safe to use around the eye area and gentle enough for morning and night.

Dry or Dehydrated skin? Cream!

Cream cleansers effectively cleanse the skin of oil, dirt and impurities, while adding nourishing lipids and moisture back into the skin. Cream cleansers will never leave the skin feeling tight or dry and help to restore barrier function.

Our Pick: Dalton Classic Clean Cleansing Milk

Made with even the most sensitive of skins in mind, Classic Clean Cleansing Milk is fragrance and colorant free, with natural ingredients to soothe and hydrate the skin while cleansing.

Apply with damp hands, this calming cleanser leaves skin feeling refreshed and nourished. Safe to use around the eye around and suitable for use morning and night.

Visit your local Essential Beauty for a complimentary skin analysis to see which of our cleansers would suit your skin type.