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  • Can I combine different products from different product lines?

    Absolutely! Due to the tolerability of our natural marine ingredients all of the products from Dalton can be combined with each other without restriction.

  • Can I use marine skincare if I have an allergy to shellfish?

    Dalton products do use natural marine extracts. We recommend popping into your local Essential Beauty to patch test our products before purchasing, as everyone's allergies differ in severity.

  • How do you source your marine ingredients?

    Ocean conservation is extremely important to us. We attach a lot of importance to the choice of our marine ingredients, all of which are of natural origin and cultivated in a sustainable way. As a brand specializing in marine cosmetics – with natural and sustainable raw materials from the sea – protecting our oceans is a cause that is naturally very close to our hearts. That’s why we support 4Ocean, a global organization that aims to clean the world’s oceans of plastic waste, so that future generations can continue to enjoy the fascinating beauty of this unique ecosystem.

  • What makes Dalton skincare different?

    Dalton takes a more holistic approach to skincare. Dalton skincare doesn't focus on having one 'hero' ingredient in their serum or moisturiser, instead it supplies our skin with a balance of active ingredients for optimum cell health. By feeding our skin with nutrients and letting our bodies utilize it as necessary, we can create healthy skin from the inside out. Dalton's approach to skin care is somewhat more holistic - it is about providing our skin with the ingredients it needs to naturally function at its best. Having healthy skin cells and a healthy cell metabolism means our skin is naturally replenishing and turning over, giving us a healthy, fresher and clearer complexion.

  • I don't know which product would suit my skin type?

    If you are wanting a complimentary skin analysis before purchasing Dalton products, pop into your local Essential Beauty. Their friendly staff can create a custom skin care plan based on your skin type and concerns.

  • What should I use? Cream or Emulsion?

    Depending on your skin type, time of day, season and climate you can alternate between the cream and the emulsion of a specific line as you like. The formulations are both identical with regards to their active ingredients, they differ only in the level of their moisture and lipid components. Our cream formulation is richer and heavier for dry and dehydrated skin, whilst the emulsion is the lighter alternative.