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Marine Polysaccharides

The plankton used Dalton products is obtained in north-west France, at an estuary where fresh water and salt water meet. As a result, the ecosystem is particularly healthy and characterized by variety.

Plankton are microscopic organisms that float in water in great numbers. They absorb carbon dioxide and sunlight to produce the energy they need for growth and metabolism. Because they are exposed to very high levels of UV radiation, plankton have developed an enzyme that can repair the cell damage caused by sunlight.

The marine biologist Johannes Peter Müller is widely considered the founding father of plankton research. He began researching these organisms in 1846 on the island of Helgoland.

The plankton’s active agents are true all-rounders! They can accelerate the differentiation of skin cells, for more freshness and youthfulness. Furthermore, they possess antibacterial properties that strengthen the skin barrier and they protect against UV-induced oxidation and thus against premature skin aging.

Plankton is one of the six interactive ingredients in our exclusive Celumer Marine Extract.